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Coming Soon - New Reverse-Harem Series

Callie Jensen, now King, and her team are back.

Follow Callie as she navigates through the aftermath left behind from the first chapters of her life as they start to settle into a new norm. Of course, the only problem with that is her past isn't quite ready to relinquish its hold on her just yet.

This series will be ongoing, using Callie and her team to tie the other series together in this Delta universe. This first book will deal directly with the aftermath of the conclusion of the Stillwind series which was completed in December 2023.

It's not necessary to read that series, but you'll miss some inside jokes and hidden Easter eggs by doing so. The King of Hearts will be a standalone of sorts in the ongoing series that allows readers to revisit Callie and the guys at Delta. After this book, there will be a 6-book series with new characters and adventures to delve into. After that point, another book from the King's Men series will follow. Because of the long time between books on the King's Men series, these books will not have any cliffhanger endings.

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