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Callie Jensen has led a life that would send most adults running and hiding under their beds. From a young age, she was kidnapped and forced to use her considerable skills for bad. Betrayed by her own family in the worst of ways, she's all but lost hope of being rescued in this cruel world.


Knowing her odds, she does something reckless knowing she probably won't survive much longer anyway--she gathers everything she has and cracks open the case on one of the most dangerous, ruthless criminals in the world. Because if she's going to die, she wants to take Nikolai Ivanov down with her.

Except, a team from a secret government sect throws a wrench in that plan. 

It's a race against the clock to stay one step ahead of a man with unlimited reach and resources--one that now has a very personal vendetta against Callie. 

This six-book series concludes in The Red Cardinal, but it will also be getting more books added to the series at a later date. Make sure to subscribe to keep updated. 

The Cardinal Series

1. The Cardinal Bird

2. Cardinal Caged

3. Cardinal of Hope

4. The Cardinal Sin

5. Cardinal Rose

6. The Red Cardinal

1 Cardinal Bird
2 Cardinal Caged
3 Cardinal of Hope


Callie is temporarily with the Cardinals while she tries to figure out what it is that she wants from life. Her childhood was dictated and decided without her, and now she has to learn whom she is as a person without someone telling her what to do. On top of that, her captor is still out there, running free and--if she knows him like she thinks she does--he won't be happy until he has killed her, or worse. It's a good thing that she has so many Delta people looking out for her.

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Cardinal Caged Book 2 of Cardinal Series by Mia Smantz Callie Jensen Delta Reverse Harem Series
Book 3 of Cardinal Series Author Mia Smantz Callie Jensen Reverse Harem

Callie Jensen has officially taken a step into the world of romance, but even that can't be uncomplicated. She's pretty sure that more than one guy is showing interest in her, and with no experience on the matter, she's not sure how to handle it. It certainly doesn't feel normal. However, the harem she seems to be building with the Delta members is the least of her worries. Will she even have time for a relationship when so many dangerous people are still targeting her and the ones she is growing to care for?

The Cardinals are doing all they can to protect her, but will they be enough when her treacherous past won't stay where it belongs: in the past.

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The Cardinal Sin Book 4 Mia Smantz Cardinal Series Reverse Harem Series

Former CIA Agent Grinley took Callie from the Emerson Team's house. They get her back, but will they ever be able to recover from the aftermath of everything that happened? They can only hope and try to move on. Things are heating up in all aspects of Callie's life. Her past continues to haunt her in the worst of ways while the guys at Delta struggle to stay on top of things. It's difficult to do when the hits keep coming from too many directions to count.

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4 Cardinal Sin
Cardinal Rose Book 5 Mia Smantz Author The Cardinal Series Reverse Harem Series

Callie finally found a home. It's everything she's ever dreamed of - friendship, family, and a healthy dose of romance, which Dr. Harper repeatedly reminds her is a good thing since it will help her deal with her most recent loss. So, why can't she be happy? That reason comes in the form of one Russian mob boss named Nikolai Ivanov. He's closer than ever, and Callie knows that if he ever found out how much she cared for her new-found family, she knows that it would be signing their death-warrants. So, what will she do?

...because something's got to give.

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5Cardinal Rose
The Red Cardinal Book 6 Mia Smantz Author The Cardinal Series Reverse Harem Series

After their last encounter, Nikolai Ivanov proved that he's done toying around and is finally making his move. Callie Jensen and everyone she loves are more at risk than ever before. It's going to take the entire team working together if they all want to make it out alive. With things in shambles after a string of bad incidents, will they be able to regroup and withstand Ivanov's assault when he decides to go full-bore? There are so many pieces at play, that it will take a miracle to pull of their attack on him before it's too late.

In the end, who will come out standing after playing Ivanov's game?

This book is the conclusion to the six-book series about Callie Jensen and her Delta team.

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Red Cardinal

Release Date: August 30, 2019


Callie Jensen has always been a little bit different. She was made fun of for being a math-whiz in school up until she was kidnapped. Growing up in the crime world from a young age, she was turned into a language savant and a hacker-expert. 


A secret government organization comes for her. She finally has some allies in the form of several muscular, irresistibly handsome and talented guys. Callie wonders if she'll be able to find peace, but the struggles only keep piling up as she is shuffled around, wondering when or even if she will ever find somewhere she feels is safe.


People whom she thought were safe might not be. And not only that, but her kidnapper is not willing to give her up without a fight, and he shows her all too well that he will go to some very dangerous lengths to get her back.

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Callie Jensen Cardinal Bird Mia Smantz Author Reverse Harem Series
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