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Release Date: August 30, 2019

Release: September 30, 2021

Sasha lives in the high mountain village of Stillwind. Not even thirty yet, she already owns her own cafe and spends her free time as a volunteer firefighter. No part of her life ever suggested that she'd become caught up in the middle of a crime ring that spans the globe.


It's Stillwind.


Nothing bad ever happens in Stillwind.


Luckily, she's not fighting this on her own because she'd be lost without all the people on her side.


Reverse-Harem Series

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Mia Smantz Author, Book 1 of the Fire Series, Setting Fire, Reverse-Harem Thriller Series
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Release: July 1, 2022

Sasha Popova had to have the worst luck in the world. Secluded in a stagnant, pleasant town high up in the mountains where the biggest crime committed in the last few decades was the teacher caught selling school supplies to fluff their income, the odds of stumbling into the crosshairs of an international crime boss should've been slim to none. 

Slim--but not zero, as she could attest to. Paolo Rossi took an interest in her, and how she doesn't see a way out of the mess she's in without betraying the men that helped her.

Exciting second book to the slow-burn, high plot, reverse-harem series, The Stillwind Series.

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Book 3 of Stillwind Series Backfire Reverse Harem Series Mia Smantz

Release: December 12, 2022

Sasha Popova has been through a lot in her life, but none of those experiences could've prepared her for being kidnapped by Paolo Rossi's men. Held against her will and suffering through atrocious horrors, will anyone recognize her when she finds a way out--if she finds a way out?

She asks herself these questions every day until someone new and unexpected swoops into her life and pulls her from the situation. How will she cope on the outside, interacting with the guys once more?

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Book 4 Stillwind Series Reverse Harem Series Mia Smantz

Spring 2023!

Book 4 of the Stillwind Series
With Paolo Rossi handled, for now, Sasha's life should be returning to normal. At least, it should be, but the problem is that the tenuous deal keeping her out of trouble could be revoked at any time. She can't trust it. On top of that, there is still the slight problem of Chief Hannover's murderer knowing who she is and possibly viewing her as a loose end to tie up, even if Rossi is not breathing down her neck at the moment. The Stillwind Police are putting pressure on her for answers that she just can't give. Even Gamma, the secret agency that knows all the details of everything going on, doesn't believe she's entirely innocent. From all directions, Sasha feels like she's in the line of fire.
Without a certain group of guys to back her up, her life would be in shambles.
It's a good thing she has them.

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