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User-Friendly Guide to Ghosts

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Before the Guide - Fall 2024

Willa Walker just wants to spend her summer relaxing before for her year of high school. Is that too much to ask?

Her nightmares shifting into daytime hallucinations and bring additional symptoms, making her suspect her issues aren’t health related as she’d been led to believe. How long can she continue to blame her body's extreme chills and odd visions as a condition stemming from an abnormal case of diabetes passed down from generation to generation the second she hit puberty?

Of course, there is one upside to all these compiling problems. Willa finds herself on texting terms with several classmates who hadn't spoken two words to her before she went off-roading at a state park and crashed her four-wheeler in front of them.

Her senior year is certainly shaping up to be interesting.

This is a paranormal ghost, why-choose, suspense series with high-plot and slow-burn.

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Books in the Series: 

1. Before the Guide  - Fall 2024
2. Tentatively Prewritten - Coming Soon!
3. Very Rough Draft - TBA
4. Let's Wing It - TBA
5. Finishing Touches - TBA
6. Final Copy, For Sure - TBA

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