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User-Friendly Guide to Ghosts

Young adult series in the works!

Meet Willow Walker, a young high school student with a unique problem.  Ghosts torment her just by existing.  This series follows Willow as she struggles to overcome and cohabit the world with the never-ending lost souls of this world.  

Of course, what kind of story would it be without her harem of guys to help her along the way?

Note: This series is much lighter than The Cardinal Series.  The name and tentative book cover have all been selected to show a less intense tone.  Also, this book is more young adult than it is adult, as the characters are in high school.   Keep that in mind if you go to read this series.

Temporary hold on series. The next series to be published will be a book from the new King Series.

Books in the Series: 

1. Before the Guide  - TBA

2. Tentatively Prewritten - TBA

3. Very Rough Draft - TBA

4. Let's Wing It - TBA

5. Finishing Touches - TBA

6. Final Copy, For Sure - TBA

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