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Sneak Peek 1 of Backfire, Book 3 of the Stillwind Series by Mia Smantz

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Hello all!

Welcome to the sneak peeks countdown. With the third book of the new series, Backfire, soon to be released on December 12, I'll be posting some snippets from the story to whet your whistles :)

This book has been a long time in the making, so if you're still here, thanks for sticking through.

Some notes before we get to the good stuff... my first series, The Cardinal Series is all completed and available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited for free. It's also available for purchase. If you're interested in purchasing a hardcopy set of the first two books, The Cardinal Bird and Cardinal Caged, you can buy the first volume here. This volume is also available in the Kindle Unlimited store if you want to purchase or add to your ten-book Unlimited list to help free up a slot for another great book. I know I always have a hard time trying to cull my book limit. Get the Kindle version here. I've also bundled the second volume of the series to include Cardinal of Hope and The Cardinal Sin. That volume is available here for the Kindle version and the hardcopy version. The third and final volume with Cardinal Rose and The Red Cardinal will be available just as soon as I have a cover for it. I'll make sure to announce it on social media.

One more thing before the preview, I've got the fourth book of the series, In the Line of Fire, up on Amazon, so preorder your copy today!

Backfire, Book 3


Men showed up not even ten minutes later to escort me to the meeting. They spoke not a word, and if Corina hadn’t been looking out for me, I’d have no idea what was going on.

I stumbled along at an awkward trot due to the way the shorter man gripped my forearm. With the sharp heels, I towered six inches over him. Either that pissed him off, and he retaliated by yanking me over in an unbecoming hunch, or he was the most oblivious person in the universe.

My soundtrack of cursing and swearing had the taller one laughing, so my gut had me siding with the first option.

Soon enough, we reached two polished cherry doors that stood out among the refuse of the rest of Rossi’s compound. Similarly, his previous headquarters had donned abandoned disrepair chic outside his office. That space felt like crossing through a portal and straight into luxury living.

These new digs were no different.

One would think he’d desire a less blatant sign of “hey, the boss is here” if enemies ever attacked the place.

But hey, I wasn’t the criminal mastermind, so what did I know? Maybe Rossi lacked competitors in his league to worry about.

The taller guard stepped forward and pulled the lacquered door open with great showmanship. Who knew the bad guys possessed a sense of humor? Not this girl.

I tugged and adjusted the odd outfit once more, wondering why it’d been chosen. It didn’t exactly fit with current styles—even my plaid loving, backwoods self understood that much.

That was all I had time to think before the hobbit yanked me inside, heedless of my fawnlike stumbles in the precariously tall heels. Thankfully, they had gladiator wrapping up the calf to keep them on so I didn’t trip over my own feet.

Inside the room, the marble statues of female figures—the very ones that’d been missing from the sawmill he’d abandoned to give Gamma a bone—stood on new pedestals in the corners. That he’d brought them gave further credence to my initial guess of them being original works and not castings or copies.

The other decor followed the same line of opulence, all the more garish juxtaposed so sharply with the decrepit state of the abandoned building. My eyes lingered on plush chairs, thick carpeting, and a grand desk polished enough to toss a reflection. Rossi sat perched behind it—a power move—with his hands steepled under his chin.

Rossi’s younger hotheaded brother, Giovanni, stood beside him, his arms and legs crossed as he leaned back against the wall with a defiant look on his face. Whereas Paolo Rossi collected beauty but did not personally possess it, Giovanni and Corina did. They were the male and female versions of each other, with enough symmetrical bone structure and glowing complexions to be models.