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1 really great tip to combat writer's block

As writers, we've all run into this problem. You've got a really great story going. You have nice action, suspense, characters, dialogue. ...but then, you stop somewhere between a third to maybe two-thirds of the way through the story.

Why is that??

Most of the time, the reason this happens is because we don't know the ending for our story. We get inspired with an idea and rush to get pen to paper. Then, after a while, we sort of flicker out of that energetic heat. You've probably heard, read, or seen a it a million times before. People will tell you: know your ending first.

And that is a good tip. It's a great tip. I would even go so far as to say that you should plan your ending and also outline your chapters. Describe what you want to happen in a few words just to keep in your mind where you were going when you first started your crazy project. It's like Google Maps for writers.

However, I know that planning out, outlining, and knowing the ending of your story has been said before. It also may just not work for your writing style.

So my advice, when you're stuck writing:

Listen to music.

I cannot tell you how many times this has saved me. Songs are magical. They pull emotions from you. A well-composed movie, a superb soundtrack...those things get in your head and make you remember. And songs are just short-stories anyway.

I like to draw inspiration from the beat, the rhythm, and the mood of a song. I really listen to the words, try to understand what they're saying, and then I think about which of my stories or characters that song really fits to. Maybe it fits to an event in their past. Maybe it explains their motivations and why they are the way they are.

Once you get to thinking about it actively, then I find that I have more to write about, more to share, and the will to continue.

Do you have a favorite genre, band, or song to listen to when you write? Let me know!

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