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In the Line of Fire Sneak Peeks to Start 4-23-23

Sneak peeks are both treasured and despised depending on your preferences. I know that I personally would rather wait to have the entire book there at my fingertips, but some people like to whet their appetites with small excerpts, so I just wanted to reassure you that I do plan to release four small sneak peeks leading up until the book's release on May 1st.

The teasers, rather than being stretched out over the period of several weeks, will happen every other day starting on April 23rd and finishing up on April 29th for the same total of four sneak peeks.

I'll keep you posted on social media if you follow, or you can check in with the blog for any new posts.

With the release date just around the corner, be sure to support and preorder your copy today!

In other news, I also have the preorder link up for the fifth book in the 6-book series, On Fire.

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