My Dream Cast for Aleks of the Cardinal Series

Authors usually have a pretty good idea of what their characters look like before they start writing. For me, I like to download pictures beforehand of people that I think fit the character I'm trying to describe. Sometimes, I don't have the luxury of that. I have a general idea for the character, but I haven't quite found that matching visual to go with it.

I wanted to share some of the visuals I've been working with on certain characters in the story.

First and foremost, Aleks is turning out to be one of my favorite characters in the story. I've always had a clear idea of what he looked like in my mind, so it was a no-brainer for me to cast Aquaman as the bold, unabashed Russian. He's a bit old for the 20-something character in the Cardinal series, but Jason Momoa just embodies the personality and appearance for that bear of a man from the crazy, multi-toned hair, ice-blue eyes, and down to the long beard. He's big, he's muscled, he's tall... he's perfect.

For your viewing pleasure:

From the Cardinal Bird Series by Mia Smantz: Aleks portrayed as actor Jason Momoa. Jason Momoa with his quick and carefree laugh that Aleks is always ready to give at the drop of a hat.

Aleks is very tall, coming in at a whopping 6'7". Not many people can boast that, but Jason Momoa comes close. He clocks in at 6'4"!

Jason Momoa's ice-blue eyes really stand out in this picture. What