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Sneak Peek 4 of Backfire, Book 3 of the Stillwind Series by Mia Smantz

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Hello all!

Welcome to the sneak peeks countdown. With the third book of the new series, Backfire, soon to be released on December 12, I'll be posting some snippets from the story to whet your whistles :)

This book has been a long time in the making, so if you're still here, thanks for sticking through.

Some notes before we get to the good stuff... my first series, The Cardinal Series is all completed and available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited for free. It's also available for purchase. If you're interested in purchasing a hardcopy set of the first two books, The Cardinal Bird and Cardinal Caged, you can buy the first volume here. This volume is also available in the Kindle Unlimited store if you want to purchase or add to your ten-book Unlimited list to help free up a slot for another great book. I know I always have a hard time trying to cull my book limit. Get the Kindle version here. I've also bundled the second volume of the series to include Cardinal of Hope and The Cardinal Sin. That volume is available here for the Kindle version and the hardcopy version. The third and final volume with Cardinal Rose and The Red Cardinal will be available just as soon as I have a cover for it. I'll make sure to announce it on social media.

One more thing before the preview, I've got the fourth book of the series, In the Line of Fire, up on Amazon, so preorder your copy today!

Backfire, Book 3


Flint opened his arms wide, a broad grin crossing his face. “I am open for hugs.”

A snort nearly escaped, and only luck kept it buried. “I just bet you are.”

“What is the matter? Are we not allowed to be friends anymore?” His silver eyes shifted to his left in what he probably considered a covert movement. The thing he didn’t realize was that his sheer size rendered that feat impossible.

Being sneaky drew more attention, and I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

“Hey, hey, wait. What the fuck was that?” Rory growled.

Flint straightened. “What?”

“That shifty as fuck look you just shot Eli.”

He’d been looking at Eli? Why would he—

My thoughts cut off with a distinct record scratch.

Flint knew. I studied him then tweaked my assessment. He at least suspected something. Did the others?

Brien stared at Flint with his thick black brows almost up to his sleek hairline.

He wouldn’t be so confused if he knew the reasoning, and the same went for Rory. His expression screamed a cocktail of alarm, concern, and aggravation in a way only Rory Lane could pull off.