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Excerpt from The Cardinal Bird

In order to celebrate its new release on Amazon, here's a sneak peek at an excerpt from the story: The Cardinal Bird.

Try not to be too excited.


My eyes were flying across the screen, already having opened the program up. The coding was complex, but there was a sort of pattern to it. If I used it, I should be able to exploit it.

"We're looking for a backdoor," I said.

"There!" CJ said excitedly, pointing at the screen. "Can we just change the programming there to mask our presence?" He sat back. "No, but then, how do we allow us control."

I looked at the bit of programming he had been talking about while he turned back and helped to direct Jace through the next couple of turns. He was right. We could use that bit of programming to help hide ourselves, but the part of the coding that controlled the timers was in a different section. Either way. It would get us incognito.

I pulled up the box and started typing:

EXPORT_SYMBOL (groups_alloc);

Void groups_ether(struct comp_info *ether_info)


If (group_info>blocks[0] != group_info->small_block) {

int i:

for (i = 0; i < group_info->nblocks; i++)

Ether_acct((unsigned unkn) group_info->blocks[i]);


Kblock (group_info);


"How are you doing that?" Karl said, but he didn't really seem shocked. I'm guessing he had seen CJ type similar things before without using any sort of reference.

"Practice," I said, finishing the coding and praying it took. "You remember certain things after a while. It's a language that I was learning at an early age. My dad bought me my first programming book when I was 11."

Right before I was kidnapped.

I typed a code to check the status.

Return 0;

Nothing happened for a moment, but then the programming confirmed that we were in.

"Static void groups_sort(struct group_info *group_info void ether//)," popped up on the screen.

"Okay, we're incognito," I informed CJ when he could turn back to my monitor. I started scrolling through the remaining programming.

"You could separate the commands out?" CJ asked, leaning close once more, eyes scanning over the coding.

"Uh huh," I said. My eyes lighted on the section that we needed. It took my breath away. With this coding, if we could hack it, we would be able to control the traffic signals. It was a godsend because we were barreling hot through another intersection. By the increased amount of honking, I could tell that the streets were becoming more and more busy. "Here's the bit we need."

CJ leaned closer to check it over, but then all of the monitors started going off in a repetitive alarm.



Thank you for reading!

If you liked that, you can pre-order your copy of the full story for The Cardinal Bird on Amazon now. It will be released on August 30th as the first part of a 6-book reverse-harem young-adult series.

<3 Mia

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