Sneak Peek from Cardinal of Hope Book 3

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Here's another sneak peek from the upcoming and anticipated release of book 3 of the Cardinal series, due to be released in March! If you haven't ordered your copy of Cardinal of Hope, make sure to do so today!

This excerpt from the book has a little more action than the first snippet! I hope you enjoy!!

The Cardinal of Hope, book 3 of the Cardinal series by Mia Smantz.

Corbin looked around the charred room, his eyes scanning the room as his mind seemed to race with thoughts. “Okay, well, the person hasn’t made a move yet, and if they were going to, they would’ve when I left you alone—fuck.” He startled me at his use of a real swear word instead of his creative PG substitutes. “I’m so, so sorry Callie. I put you in danger!” He whisper-shouted.

“Hey,” I said, “It’s not—”