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Stillwind Series Completed

Well, it's finally here. The Stillwind series is now a completed series!

This six-book series follows Sasha Li Ruslanova Popova, a prideful, independent woman who grew up in a small, mountain town where the craziest thing to happen was when her biological parents left her abandoned as a newborn on the front steps of the Stillwind Fire Department nearly three decades ago.

No part of her life ever suggested that she'd become caught up in the middle of a crime ring that spans the globe. It's Stillwind. Nothing bad ever happens in Stillwind.

After stumbling across information that a very powerful criminal would go to great lengths to protect, she's thrust into the spotlight from both sides of an underground battle she had no idea was happening right in her picturesque hometown.

Luckily, she's not fighting this on her own because she'd be lost without all the people on her side.

This series happens after the Cardinal Series, so there are some connections referencing those books and offscreen events that occur. However, the Easter eggs are very brief and it is unnecessary to read that series first.

The Stillwind series is a slow, almost glacial, burn reverse-harem series where the focus is mostly on plot and action. The thriller series does see her end up with more than one man by the end of the books.

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