What Do Authors Blog About? Here's 5 Things

Blogging to help reach customers.

As an author what should you blog about even if you’re not published yet?

Consider this. You’ve been dabbling at creating stories for years. Finally, you have an endgame in sight for one of your books. The ending is clearer than anything you’ve ever written before, the characters are fleshed out, the plot is making so much sense that it’s even shocking you, and then...you realize...you might actually be able to publish your first story. Then you realize that, oh no, you might actually be able to publish your story.

If you’re like any aspiring author, you probably are worried about how to get sales.

One way to do that is to write a blog.

Write about the things that people are searching for, and you will get people to click on your page. The more people that visit your page, the more visible you are. The more visible you are, the more chances you’ll have to sell your books. Plain and simple.

Now, you’re fully prepared to take on the role of writing in a blog. All you have to do now is start writing your first post. Then you realize, writing a blog is a lot different than writing fictional stories about ghosts and drama and romance and dragons. Blogs are like this unknown white stratosphere of infinite space where people are unsure what to make of it. How can you decode that to make it work for you?

1. Write about the things you’ve Googled

The easy thing to do is to write about things that you’ve had questions about because, nine times out of ten, if you’ve had questions about it, other people have too.

For example, the post I’m writing now. Back when I first started marketing for my first book release, The Cardinal Bird, I had a question about what new writers should blog about. I had a lot of things going on at the time.

I was creating social media accounts on as many platforms as possible, I was coming up with an idea for a cover design so that I could hire an artist, I was trying to figure out how to afford someone to edit my book without selling my husband on the street corner--that’s a joke, btw--and I was trying to create a website. It was a busy time. I didn’t have time to think out and research extensive articles to write mini-masterpieces. I had to meet my Amazon Pre-Order Deadline or I would be banned from it for a year!