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In the Line of Fire

Order Your Copy Today  - Release Date May 1, 2023

Book 4 of the Stillwind Series

With Paolo Rossi handled, for now, Sasha's life should be returning to normal. At least, it should be, but the problem is that the tenuous deal keeping her out of trouble could be revoked at any time. She can't trust it. On top of that, there is still the slight problem of Chief Hannover's murderer knowing who she is and possibly viewing her as a loose end to tie up, even if Rossi is not breathing down her neck at the moment. The Stillwind Police are putting pressure on her for answers that she just can't give. Even Gamma, the secret agency that knows all the details of everything going on, doesn't believe she's entirely innocent. From all directions, Sasha feels like she's in the line of fire.

Without a certain group of guys to back her up, her life would be in shambles.

It's a good thing she has them.

Order your copy today!

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