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Sneak Peek 3 of Backfire, Book 3 of the Stillwind Series by Mia Smantz

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Hello all!

Welcome to the sneak peeks countdown. With the third book of the new series, Backfire, soon to be released on December 12, I'll be posting some snippets from the story to whet your whistles :)

This book has been a long time in the making, so if you're still here, thanks for sticking through.

Some notes before we get to the good stuff... my first series, The Cardinal Series is all completed and available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited for free. It's also available for purchase. If you're interested in purchasing a hardcopy set of the first two books, The Cardinal Bird and Cardinal Caged, you can buy the first volume here. This volume is also available in the Kindle Unlimited store if you want to purchase or add to your ten-book Unlimited list to help free up a slot for another great book. I know I always have a hard time trying to cull my book limit. Get the Kindle version here. I've also bundled the second volume of the series to include Cardinal of Hope and The Cardinal Sin. That volume is available here for the Kindle version and the hardcopy version. The third and final volume with Cardinal Rose and The Red Cardinal will be available just as soon as I have a cover for it. I'll make sure to announce it on social media.

One more thing before the preview, I've got the fourth book of the series, In the Line of Fire, up on Amazon, so preorder your copy today!

Backfire, Book 3


The shift in speed woke me just before the grand finale in my recurring nightmare. The SUV’s interior, with scents of industrial lemon cleaner and leather conditioner, pulled me fully awake.

You’re not in that cell, I chanted with a relieved breath.

Since it was safe to be conscious, I blinked my eyes open, sitting up in disorientation.

Brien glanced over with a small smile and warm eyes. “Morning, sleepy head.”

A nip laced the air, even with my warmer attire, so he must have spent a good chunk of the drive traveling north. The narrow road bisected a valley with mountains bookending either side of us. As far as the eye could see—which was pretty damn far—no other houses dotted the landscape. A river frolicked in and away from the lone highway on the right, teasing up close snapshots of smooth pebbles and crystal clear water.

My face felt sticky, and a cheek imprint had stamped its presence on my window. I smacked my lips together, trying to get my tongue working. “Where are we?”

My voice stuttered out several octaves deeper than normal, like I’d been smoking cigarettes for years. Just how long had I slept?

“About four hours from Stillwind.”

That gave me pause. “Did you have to stop for gas?”

It’d been a miracle nothing had woken me up. Picturing him pulling in to fuel up without disturbing my sleep seemed nigh on impossible.

“No, I had three-quarters of a tank when I came to pick you up. I was already on my way to town when you started tripping the sensors we rigged up in the café. Getting you somewhere secure took priority, and they have gas tanks where we’re going.”

“And where are we going?”